It's time to reflect

My vision board

July, how did we get here? 
June, where did you go? 
Actually, where did the first half of the year go?

Really, 2019 it’s time to slow down!

At the start of the year I took the time – because for once I had the time – to stop and think about the year ahead and what I wanted to accomplish in 2019.

With the help of In the Moment magazine I finally did something I told myself at the start of every year I would do, and at the start of every year never got around to doing. 
I took In the Moment Magazine to task and set out on my Vision Board making.

2019 was going to be a big year for me: a change in career, starting a business and turning 40 among a few other things.   I took the time to be specific about the things I wanted to put on my vision board.

Now July is here and I take the time to reflect as I look at my vision board:

Here are things I have achieved:

Play the piano (alas this has only started to happen in the last month but still I am doing it!)
Read books that make me happy (I have fallen in love with reading again)
Turning 40 and celebrating - OK this one was going to happen whatever I did or didn’t do!
Micaiah: finally get sorted and push medical profession to act- HOORAY after 2 years of pushing, we finally got a diagnosis!
Launch ‘Leanne Scott – Life Coach’ by September – YAY!  I did it before my planned scheduled time.
Find a part-time job that is fulfilling and gives me time for life coaching too.

Things I have not yet achieved:
Wear more colour
Watch more films
Create the things you wish existed (I am still thinking about this one a LOT)
Date nights with Colin - we have been sooooo tired for soooo long!

The things I have not yet achieved - I have another 5 months and a bit to get to work on and to be intentional about. 
I am super proud of myself when I look at the things that I have achieved and the things I am working towards.  Life has thrown a lot of things at me all at once many a times, even in the past six months, but having my vision board in a place where I see it every day has been a constant reminder of the things I strive for, the things that are mine to achieve.  When I look at my vision board I am filled with joy at the things I am accomplishing, no matter how slowly those accomplishments come, they have and they will continue to arrive.  If I continue to work towards those things, the achievements will be mine to celebrate.

Do you have a vision board or something similar?  Have a look at it, what have you accomplished?
Give yourself a big cheer; go have a bath, go out and meet a friend for a catch up and cake - do the things that make you feel that you are celebrating.  Acknowledge all you have achieved. 
Go and put that date in your diary as if it were an important doctor’s appointment that you cannot miss, for you owe it to yourself to acknowledge your greatness. 

When did you last take the time to reflect? 

Vision board or not - do you make time to reflect on where you were, where you are now and where you will be tomorrow?

As people I believe that we are not very good at the art of reflecting.

To ‘reflect’ is:
- to think deeply or carefully about …

We live in busy times, times when we feel the urge or the expectation to constantly be doing. 
How about if we started ‘being’ more instead of ‘doing’ more? 
What if we started to think carefully about the way we live our lives?
What if we started to think deeply about our actions, our thoughts? 
What if we started to live intentionally, with a purpose of living life for good as opposed to merely making it through another day (although there are times when that in itself is a huge achievement that also needs to be acknowledged for what it is).

There is so much life to be lived.
There are so many opportunities for us to ‘be’.

Why not make the time - start with five minutes each day -  to reflect?
To reflect is an important thing to learn.

Let’s not let life pass us by, always rushing. 
Let’s slow down, take the time to reflect and acknowledge the good. 
Take stock of the not so good times, learn from them and in time help others through what we have learned.

There are 5 and a bit months left of 2019, let’s make them count – your vision, write it down.  Draw it, doodle it. Press record and speak it out, whatever way works for you – go ahead and get it done.

You will thank yourself for it as you get to the end of 2019 and take the time to look back and reflect on the year and be able to say that you did those things that made you alive.  You truly lived 2019.

If you are looking for ways to simplify your life and make the rest of 2019 something you are proud of but are not sure of where to start, I have some spaces available over the Summer and into the Autumn to work with you. 
Get in touch with me to arrange a FREE, no obligations consultation. 
We will meet, chat and eat cake and make a plan.

It’s time to reflect.

Leanne Scott