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“Gathered together, we find our light.  And each spark shifts and multiplies, scattering its radiance on our ordinary lives.  Like everything precious, more valuable when shared.  Like every common miracle, made of the stuff of stars.

Let the light shine.  Watch for it falling on each other’s faces.  Count the beams, catch them, let them be reflected back.

See the hope, see the promise.  Never hide your fears in silence…

Tell your truth.  Tell your story.  Tell your love.”  (Call the Midwife)


This quote gave birth to ‘Let’s be REAL’ (yes, I do see the irony in this – look at the source of the quote).  
For a while something had been stirring inside of me; the highs and the lows of motherhood, my particular journey of navigating motherhood, the past years that had been particularly draining, all of it I knew could be utilised to help others.  As each week passed by, I became more aware that my experiences could and would bring someone else hope. 

‘What would this look like?’ was my constant thought and then one afternoon as I was catching up with the series ‘Call the Midwife’, one episode ended with the quote above. 
“Tell your truth.  Tell your story.  Tell your love.”  THAT’S IT!
That was my lightbulb moment, the moment when the idea of ‘Let’s be REAL’ came to be.

I am going to be vulnerable here and share the things that I wrote down three months ago in my notebook:

‘Tell your truth:  I have authenticity, I tell the truth and I am learning to speak truth into my life.

Tell your story:  I have a story to share about courage, about faith, about strength, about being true to your calling of who you are, about family, about change, about resilience.  I believe my story will help others.

Tell your love:  I love seeing people come alive.  I love who I am becoming.  I love seeing people rise up and learn to use their own voice for good.

Through my workshop I will empower people to find the ways that work for them to become all that they deserve to be.

My voice is real.’

My ‘Let’s be REAL’ workshop has been growing in my heart and mind, I have been excited about it. 
I have been writing notes everywhere as ideas come to me.  I totally feel it is the right thing for me to be doing.  I did my research, my online survey received 47 responses out of which 82.6% said that they would attend a workshop that included an inspirational and truthful talk on life as a mother, with space for reflection.  I booked the venue and then I started talking about the workshop and started advertising it. 
Then BAM - crippling fear and self-doubt came knocking at my door.


What if no one comes?                                                                                  What if people do come and hate it?

What if I fail?                                                                                                               What if people don’t like me?

82.6% of people said they would attend, my research clearly said so; why was I choosing to listen to the 17.4% that said they wouldn’t attend?  I believe it is because I was beginning to put myself out there and in doing so making myself vulnerable. 

Last week I dreamt about my workshop, and I dreamt that no one came.  I woke up feeling panicked and then I read this from the wonderful Jen Hatmaker (For the Love, 2015) about her own experience of self-doubt:

Just tell your truth.  It was so right and simple, tears drained down my face.  Just tell your truth…
If you are mostly sure you made the right decision but have some doubts, concede it.  It’s OK to have human feelings…

Tell your truth – three small yet powerful words that birthed ‘Let’s be REAL’ and that continue to spur me on to tell my truth, that my truth will help others to tell their own truths.

Ray Dodd speaks of how you can have “…utter belief in yourself and at the same time have paralysing fear about what you can do.”  That is where I’m at right now. 

I believe in ‘Let’s be REAL’ and yet…

This has been my story throughout my life thus far and reflection proves to me that to continue to show up and choose truth over false thoughts is where it’s at.  Being real about who I am, being real about where I want to be, being real about my struggles in motherhood, being real in my fears, being real in having the self-belief and courage that my story, my truth, my love will allow others to learn to do likewise for themselves is something that is spurring me on to keep putting myself out there, to keep on promoting my ‘Let’s be REAL’ workshop and my business.
I believe in myself, that feels a really vulnerable thing to say.  But heck, I’ve lived through a lot and I’m still here and I will not let my failures define me, I will not let my bad days be my narrative.

Let’s be REAL’ is my offering to mothers of 0-10 year olds in the space I find myself in at this time.

What is your truth, your story, your love? 
How will you tell your truth, your story, your love?

As you begin to tell your truth, to tell your story and to tell your love, watch for those beautiful sparks shifting and multiplying as they fall on your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, the people that make up your world – watch for how your truth, your story and your love can and will change the world you live in for the better.

Tell your truth, tell your story, tell your love.


Let’s be REAL

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