The art of overcomplicating

I love planning.

I love organising.

Ask Colin (my husband) and he will have plenty to tell you on the matter of my planning and organising.
When he went away for his stag-do I found it a perfect opportunity to get on with planning and organising our wedding.  In the short time that he was away I had completed a large spreadsheet, timescale and colour coding included.  My work outlined every detail of our wedding, from the grand to the minute tasks needing to be accomplished before our day.  The spreadsheet, when printed out and displayed, covered one wall of my student kitchen.  I would like to say that Colin was impressed but horror was probably more what he felt that day upon being shown my work of art!  The spreadsheet did help us tremendously in making sure everything was thought of and I like to think that our big day benefited from my art of overcomplicating.

When the time came for us to move out from our college abode, another spreadsheet was formed.  Each box packed was marked with a number and location code, this information was added to said spreadsheet along with content description. 

Over the years I have toned down my excitement somewhat when it comes to getting these things done, don’t get me wrong I still plan and I still organise possibly a little bit more than the average person does.  However, due to three little human beings, the planning and organising tends to be a tad less grand.  I am no longer afforded the luxury of 24 hours in front of a computer to compile a spreadsheet of pure delights!

Something I have become aware over the course of this year is the art I have developed of overcomplicating things; this is ironic when you realise that my business name is ‘Leanne Scott – Life Simplified’.  The perfectionist in me has gotten so bogged down with everything that I have ended up slowing down my progress of launching my business.

How have I overcomplicated things?

Being new to the world of setting up a business I had not realised the array of different types that exist.  Corporate, limited, sole trader, community interest company, partnership etc…

I sought the help of a good business advisor who suggested that community interest company would be the way to go.  I got home and started exploring this concept, I posted a picture of this on social media.  As the days went on and my research continued, I began to feel that this was not the right path for me, but what was I to do as I had already posted on social media about it so there was no other way, I had to do it this way!  Setting up as a community interest company felt too convoluted for me but more importantly it didn’t feel right for my business.  After another day of fretting over it I decided that sole trading was where I was at and to register as that.  Why had I wasted a week overcomplicating and fretting over something that was quite simple?

I have also been practicing the art of overcomplicating as to where to host the ‘Let’s be REAL’ event.  There are SO many venues in and around Manchester, a lot of choice!  I spent some time researching online about venues, sending out emails to ask about costings etc, going to look for potential venues.  I spent a while exploring all of this, when all along I have an amazing venue right on my doorstep, with great access to transport links, parking and everything else that I have planned for.  It was so simple, why had I spent that time overcomplicating and fretting?

The answer?

Because I felt that I should follow the expert’s advice, because I had asked others for their thoughts, because I had already posted on social media about becoming this type of business, because I had already invested the time. 


In the grand scheme of things none of that mattered, and after some reflection I was sure that my way of doing my business is what would work for me.  After all, I am the one that has breathed life into this business, I am the one who has journeyed from one small concept into a business.  I am the one who believes in ‘Leanne Scott – Life Simplified’ more than any one else because the picture in my mind is mine and no one else can get inside my mind to fully see it (thank goodness no one else has access to my mind!). 

Now don’t hear me wrongly here, I believe it is important to gain advice, ask the questions, do your research but what is also important is to not be afraid to change your mind, to not be afraid to say no to someone else’s idea for you, to not be afraid to believe in you and the power that is in you to live out the picture that is in your mind. 

The art of overcomplicating is something that we are all capable of, some more than others. 
The important thing is for us to be aware of it happening, to take a step back and breathe very slowly.  It can be easy for us to get into a spiral of overcomplicating and to feel powerless in finding a way out of the cycle. 
Let me tell you, please hear me:

No matter how far you have gone one way in your overcomplicating of life, you can always – and I mean ALWAYS – stop, breathe and change direction.

If you have overcomplicated parenting by listening to too many opinions rather than your own – stop, breathe and take time to listen to your own voice. 
Believe in your voice, believe in your capability of parenting.

If you have overcomplicated your idea, your business, your ‘thing’ by attending too many workshops on how to run a successful whatever – stop, breathe and take time to listen to your own voice.
Believe in your idea, believe in your capability of breathing life into your idea.

If you have overcomplicated life in general by scrolling on social media for far too long and seeing what everyone else has that is not yours – stop, breathe and take time to listen to your own voice.
Believe in yourself, believe in your life, believe that you and only you are meant to live your life, you are here for a purpose, you have an important part to play in this world, you are capable of living your best life. 

Your voice is important, try not to lose it to the art of overcomplicating.