When the reality of motherhood is nothing like any of the Fairy Liquid adverts.

First published Jan 9th, 2016

I’ve got a confession to make sometimes I find this whole motherhood thing hard, not hard, impossible.  It feels like I’m getting it wrong more times then getting it right.

When I’ve had a week like the one that’s just been, when after a two week break it’s been right back on to routine. Number one has not enjoyed having to go to school as it apparently is ‘too tiring and too boring’! Number two has once again decided sleep is for losers and number three is teething. Throw in a funeral and a bout of mastitis into that and you get the picture of the kind of week that has been.

Before I had any children I had this ideal picture in my head of what motherhood would entail, something a bit like those old Fairy Liquid adverts, serene and bliss.  

Now I look at our family and sometimes I want to cry.

I am so so tired and the house is so so messy and I feel like I am failing our three beautiful children. 

But then number one will say ‘Thank you for cooking such a yummy dinner’, number two will say ‘Mammy you are my best friend’, and number three will give me the biggest grin and giggle as I lift him out of his Moses basket and then I am reminded of how blest I am.  How incredible it is that we have made these little lives with their own individual characters.

So in those days when motherhood feels more like that old advert which I think was for hot chocolate – can’t remember what it was for – where the mother ends up copying her child’s behaviour and has a tantrum in the post office – again not sure if it’s post office or shop but it involves a queue – I remind myself of what precious gifts my three children are.

And at the end of the day when they are all sleeping – for a few hours anyway – I thank God for giving me the strength I needed for that day and I congratulate myself and Colin for making it through another day.

It’s just that sometimes it’s blooming hard work growing little people!  But if you are like me feeling like from time to time you are not ‘quite good enough at this whole motherhood thing’, remind yourself that you’ve made it through bad days in the past and you’ll make it through this day again.  

Keep going.

Leanne Scott