Valentine's Day

First published Feb 14th, 2017

‘Daddy will you come and wipe my bum?’ shouted our 4 year old.  ‘Daddy is very good at wiping poo’ she continued.  All this in the middle of dinner time.
Oh how times have changed since our first days of courtship (do people even use this word anymore – it’s a great word, in my opinion!).  If you were to ask me what we did on our first Valentine’s Day back in 2007 – ten years ago – I couldn’t tell you.  I’ve asked Colin and he can’t remember either, shows you how romantic we are!

These days, we simply get each other a card.  Standing in the card shop picking up card after card after card, trying to remember which one I had purchased the year before, reading the words that have been penned inside and so on, I finally found one that said what I wanted to say.  A message that I want to say everyday:  thanks for putting up with me and choosing to do life with me.

Back in the day I am sure we would have found more meaningful ways to tell each other these words but for today, for this time, this day where little sleep has been had, we simply say ‘I love you’.


Five years ago this is what Colin made me, I can’t remember what I made him.  

Today we shared this: 


Having children changes a relationship, sometimes it feels like it robs us of courtship (there’s that word again), sometimes it feels mundane: we kiss each other good morning and if we are still both awake we kiss each other good night. 

It’s no longer long romantic walks, it’s no longer talking into the early hours of the morning, it’s no longer gazing into each other’s eyes over a hot meal.

But it is looking at our children and thinking, we did this!  We created them, we are keeping them alive, we are doing this together! 

And from time to time it is making an effort, and taking time for each other when we can, giving each other the freedom to simply be. 

It’s receiving this from our eldest and being reminded that the way we are with each other is important:

Colin Thomas Scott I love you a heap lot and I thank you for journeying with me in this manic, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, what we call parenting journey (AKA keeping little people alive). Xx

Whoever it is walking this journey with you, wether it is your partner, your parents, your aunt, your best friend – make sure you let the know how much you love them.
Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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