Sometimes, just sometimes

First published Sept 15th, 2016

For the past week we have had my parents staying with us.
Tonight I am on my own as Colin is out with work, putting our three to bed and doing three consecutive nappy changes as the youngest is constantly filling them!
Ten years ago today I met Colin for the very first time as we started training for ministry at a college in London. Those two years in training were good, not much stress or responsibility, we got married just over halfway through our training and enjoyed sharing a flat in college and going out for date nights. 

Walks along the Southbank, a trip to the cinema to catch the latest film, walking around Camden Market and Regent’s Park, shopping in Oxford Street, visiting the Tate gallery (where we had our first date) and so on.  

Lots of happy, stress free, relaxed times. 

 As I think back on that time I feel a pang of sadness at the loss of that freedom and then I feel guilt because I wouldn’t want to change what I have now but sometimes I do long for just one of those ‘olden day’ (phrase borrowed from Peppa Pig).

I guess reality has come back tonight after having had a week of full time help, walks to school done by grandparents, cooking done by grandma, tidying up, bath time, bed time and so on shared with grandparents which created a lot calmer house and more content parents and children.

So in all honesty here is a list of the things I miss about the ‘olden days’:

Sleeping in.

Staying in bed reading a book.

Breakfast in bed.

Leaving the house in under a minute.

Deciding we wanted to head out for the day and a few minutes later jumping on a train for a day out.

Eating slowly.

Watching daytime TV.

Taking the time to do my makeup and hair.

Talking with Colin til late in the night and not having to worry about how tired we would be come morning.

My small waist.

Showering alone, going to the toilet alone…

That’s my list!
This week sees our youngest celebrating his first birthday.  
This past year or having three small children has gone by far too quickly and at times manically! 

 These days are so precious, heck!  Each day is so precious!

I could spend a lot of time reminiscing about carefree days, but then I could also spend a lot of time making a list of all the things I love about doing life with our three precious children.
Each day goes by so quickly, and I’m sure in years to come I will have a pang of sadness as I reminisce about the ‘olden days’ of nappy changes, high piles of little clothes to iron, small faces to wipe, big sloppy kisses and warm hugs and the simplicity of young children’s thinking of life.
I want to cherish this time, but I think it is also ok to think of what is no longer and to be thankful for those memories. 

And more importantly to be thankful to grandparents who know how to help so much and are lots of fun!