Plates, lots of them...

First published August 13th, 2016


Some days – ok every day – feel a lot like this picture.

Most of the time I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of keeping three little people alive.

I feel overwhelmed by the state of the house.

I feel overwhelmed by the state of my health.

I feel overwhelmed by the state of my relationships.

It’s hard isn’t it?

We live in a world of social media that constantly feeds us images of perfect families, having the perfect picnic in perfect weather.  But the truth is probably very different; take away the filter on the picture and you will probably find a family that has been bickering, parents that have warned their children if they misbehave one more time the picnic will be cancelled and even though the ‘one more time’ happened here they all are smiling for a selfie.

With only a few more sleeps before school starts again I thought it would be helpful for me to see this as a new start for myself too.

So here’s what I plan to do with regards to the things I fell overwhelmed by:

Keeping little people alive 

Lots of counting up to ten (in my head).

Lots of praising when things go well and less criticising when things are not good.

Lots of time in the fresh air as a a family  (as much as Scotland allows!).

Lots of reminding myself that they are children and they too are allowed to have off days, I wouldn’t like to be told to ‘snap out of it’.

State of the house

One thing a day however small it is: tidy it, clean it or just get rid of it.

State of my health

More fruit consumption.

More walking.

More – ok one would be good – exercise classes.

More earlier nights.

More colouring in.

State of my relationships

Make and take time, it really is that simple!

If it matters to me I should, I must make it a priority.
So these are my ‘Back to school’ resolutions, what are yours?

Whatever they are, start small, it is much easier to add on to them as the weeks go by then to feel like a failure for not accomplishing everything.

Enjoy this fresh start, make it count.  And don’t worry too much if things don’t go to plan, New Year’s Eve will soon be here…