There is always a choice

First published Feb 16th, 2016

After school yesterday we decided to make a traybake, an apple and cranberry traybake to be exact. It was all very civil and not much bickering went on.  In the oven the traybake went and off the children went to play.


When we had finished eating our dinner we treated ourselves to a slice of the traybake for dessert. And then Deborah piped up ‘Thanks for baking the traybake with Elijah and Deborah mammy.’  My heart melted!  Then Elijah pointed out that they wouldn’t have been able to bake without me or Daddy as they are not allowed to do that on their own.

I was reminded there and then that as parents we have a choice.  Yesterday I had a choice whether to bake with the children or not, I had a choice whether to bathe Deborah or not.  We always have a choice!  At times it may feel that we are trapped in this ever crazy world called parenting with no choices but to follow the daily routine of trying to keep everyone on time and alive, but we have so many choices.

I realise more and more as each day goes by in this fragile world we live in, how fortunate I am to be a parent in this country and how many choices I have.  

I live in a country where we have free healthcare, free schooling, no fear of walking my children to school, no fear that when I put the lights out at night our safety could be jeopardised.  I, as a woman, am allowed to drive – ok some may question my ability to do so – I am allowed to work, I am able to do so much that women in other countries only ever dare to dream about. 

And with all of that comes so many choices, too many at times!  

One choice I am trying to remind myself of before getting out of bed in the mornings is ‘I have a choice to choose love and kindness today.’  ‘I have a choice to choose patience, to choose happiness.’  ‘I have a choice to choose understanding towards my children and husband as opposed to frustration.’

What choice will you make?

Next time you are run ragged trying to make it to school on time and nothing you say or do is getting your child to put their shoes on – what choice will you make?