2015 - The year that came and went with just a few bits in between

First published Dec 31st, 2015

It is strange now to think that at the start of 2015 we were living in a different house and had two children, at the end of 2015 we found ourselves in a new home and with three children.  At the start of the year we were unaware that I  was carrying a precious load.


So we moved house at the end of April and very quickly it became home.  One of the nicest things about our new abode was going from one toilet to four – I know how blessed are we?!  – and another nice thing was the enclosed garden which meant that Madam D couldn’t put her life in danger while playing hide and seek as she had done in the ‘old’ garden a few times.

Moving meant more room but also meant more walking, being able to walk to work, walk into town, walk to school has been great.  It feels like it has opened up a whole new way of living which wasn’t available on such a scale before due to the location of where we were living. ‘Bumping’ into people I know while walking into town always makes me smile, going from sometimes having to wait at ten sets of traffic lights to none on the way to work was a welcome relief! 

In August our baby boy started school, this was one heck of an emotional day!  Here we were handing our baby to someone we had only met briefly and knew nothing about, here we were now spending less time with our baby boy than ever. It was a hard day but also a very good day. We all survived – all be it it was only for a few hours that first day – and then we did it again the next day and the day after that…

In September our beautiful Micaiah entered our world.  What a joy! But then a few days after as he was taken to special care unit my heart sank, something was wrong and no one knew what, lots of ‘may be this’ but no sure answers. We went from having all our bags packed ready to take our baby home to being unbelievably worried about what was wrong.  Thanks to an amazing team of people it didn’t take long for a diagnosis to be made but those hours felt like an eternity, had I caused him to be ill by the decisions I had made?  His diagnosis meant an extra five days in hospital, those days were some of the hardest days I have endured.  Feeling a mixture of emotions all at once, knowing that my baby was going to be ok but also wracked with all the ‘what ifs’.  If I’m honest there is a lot about that week in hospital, but that will be for another post when I feel up to it.

n November my amazing strong husband graduated after five years of studying on and off, writing essays, trips to London for a week at a time, not having an allocated ‘study day’ that many can afford to take, my husband graduated with a First class honours.  To say I was proud is an understatement.

As I reflect on 2015, I am exhausted.  A lot has happened, a lot that I have learned from, a lot that I have got wrong, but most of all a lot that I am extremely thankful for.  

‘Take off your hat to the past, take off your coat to the future.’

Here’s to 2016!

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